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 The stages of dental disease, before and after a dental. Don't wait until your pet has stage 3 or 4 dental disease. Schedule an exam today!

Dental disease


Call us to set up a pre-dental exam today. If your pet needs a dental, we will refund you the cost of the exam,* AND we will give you 10% off our dental services. 


Dental health is more than just fresh breath. Did you know that the bacteria in your pet’s mouth can get into the blood stream, and possibly affect the kidneys, liver, and heart later in life? Damaged, rotting, and loose teeth can cause infections that can go into the nose, under or behind the eye. Prevention is the best medicine. Routine dentals can help your pet’s mouth stay clean, help prevent rotting teeth, foul breath, and other internal issues. Don’t wait until your pet stops eating! It is much easier, faster, and better for your pet to have routine cleanings more often than waiting for the mouth to get bad enough that we have to remove teeth.  

Cats have unique dental issues. Nearly half of all cats over the age of 3 can have tooth resorption, a painful condition where the tooth will chip and fracture. These lesions are often below the gum line and covered by the gingival. We recommend that all cats undergoing a dental cleaning have x-rays to evaluate their teeth for this painful lesion. Removing these broken teeth can lead to a much happier mouth.

*Exam fee is credited the day of the dental. 



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