Anesthesia Protocols

Upon admission, your pet is examined by Dr. Pike, making sure that your pet is okay to go under anesthesia.

Dental Prophy

Dr. Pike performs the dental prophy himself every time. An ultrasonic dental scaler is used to remove the tartar and plaque from above and below the gingival surfaces on the teeth. Dental radiographs are taken so Dr. Pike can evaluate the teeth and bone structure of the mouth allowing him to figure out which teeth can stay, which teeth can be repaired, and which teeth need to go.

Root Planing

If a tooth can be saved, Dr. Pike will perform a process called “root planing” where debris and diseased tissue is removed from around the tooth. Bone compound or Doxyrobe Gel is sometimes added to help repair teeth further. The area around the tooth are sutured to help the healing process.

Teeth Polishing

Once appropriate surgical care has concluded, your pet’s teeth are polished with special toothpaste and a dental polisher. Antiseptic solution is sprayed in the “sulcus” to flush the area between the gums and teeth.

Pain Meds & Antibiotics

If necessary, pain medications and antibiotics are prescribed to your pet by Dr. Pike.

Post Dental Care

When you pick your pet up, our technician will go over the procedure, answer any questions that you may have, provide you with post dental care and if necessary schedule you for a free recheck in 1 week.

What products work to keep your pet's teeth clean between cleanings?

The people who like to sit around and think about these things, the VOHC, have created a list of products that they recommend to help with your pet’s oral health. These can be found at:

How often does your pet need their teeth cleaned?

How often does your pet need their teeth cleaned? It depends on the pet. Some cats and dogs need it more than once a year. Some only need it once in their lifetime. Smaller pets tend to need their teeth cleaned more often than larger pets, but that’s not always the case. In order to save the most money, we recommend taking advantage our dental discount season every January through the end of March.