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Cleaning Your Pet's Ears


 DO'S and DON'Ts:

  • DO clean your pet's ears by lifting the ear straight up in the air and filling the ear canal with cleaner. Massage the ear canal after pouring the cleaner in the ear. Allow your pet to shake his/her head after cleaning. If you like, a cotton ball can be used to clean off the outer part of the ear, but never in the canal. 
  • DO use a commercial ear cleaner (you can always pick up ear cleaner at Aqueduct without an appointment.)
    ***If you want to use a home-made ear cleaner, 1 part WHITE vinegar, 1 part RUBBING alcohol, and 1 part water mixture can be substituted but isn't ideal.
  • DO call the vet if the ears smell sweet and sour, or rancid. Typical signs of an infection also include brown or yellow/white discharge.
  • DO clean the ears after your pet is in the water. This will help dry the ear and prevent infections.
  • REPEAT cleaning the ears twice daily. Sometimes, a pet needs a routine cleaning for a few days before the dirt clears up.
  • DON'T use the ear cleaner to treat an infected ear, unless directed by a veterinarian. Call us and make an appointment ASAP because small ear infections can turn into major problems without treatment
  • DON'T buy over the counter ear mite medicine thinking that will clear up your pet's ears. Attempting self-diagnosis can harm your pet's ears.
  • DON'T stick a q-tip or ANYTHING into the ear canal. This can push down the gunk in the ear, packing it in and creates trauma to the ear canal, which can make the ear infection worse.
  • DON'T WAIT to schedule an appointment. Minor ear problems can turn into major ear problems quickly.

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