January through March is our Discounted Dental Season!

10% OFF our dental procedures AND pre-dental exam refund on the day of the dental.

Schedule a pre-dental exam today and we will examine your pet and create an oral health plan with you for your pet. We can answer any questions you have and get your pet scheduled for their dental day.

A “Dental” includes, ultrasonic cleaning and polishing and dental x-rays performed by a veterinarian and monitored by our experienced technicians. If necessary, we will remove any damaged or diseased teeth at that time.

Home dental care works best when started after a professional cleaning. Check out products, and our videos on how to care for your pet’s teeth. You must brush your pet’s teeth.

It is the best way to keep your pet’s teeth healthy and prevent harmful bacteria from entering the bloodstream, which can cause heart, kidney, and liver disease. Most, if not all pets will still eat even if they have extremely bad teeth and oral pain, so if you’re seeing a lot of plaque or redness along the gumline, it is best to bring your pet in for an exam so we can discuss your pet’s oral healthcare.