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Daycare Consent Form

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Thank you for your interest in daycare!
We allow dogs to have off leash play several times daily while allowing breaks in between. Your dog will be pampered and loved while given the opportunity to hang out and play with other dogs. We group our dogs by play style and by size. Most groups are around 5-15 dogs and our staff to outdoor dog ratio will not exceed 15 dogs per staff member. The staff member is there to help guide the dogs in appropriate and constructive play. They will often throw toys for them to fetch, chase, play on and around our play structures and stand in as the “pack leader” with the dogs. Our staff is trained in recognize dog body language and help refocus dogs’ attentions when their behavior may start to become inappropriate. We utilize different methods to do that by using voice commands, body language, and “herding” dogs to different areas. We will separate dogs that appear to have clashing personalities as soon as we can identify them. We evaluate all dogs on their first day of daycare and give them an opportunity to get in the group if we feel comfortable with their reactions. Please understand that not every dog benefits from off-leash group play. Some dogs just don’t get along well with others. If your dog doesn’t get along well with others, we may not accept your dog back into doggy daycare. It is not a statement about your ability as a pet owner, some dogs simply do not enjoy daycare.
I understand that my dog will be given the opportunity to play with other dogs “off leash,” while in daycare.
I attest that my dog has never bitten another dog at any point in his or her
If yes, please describe the incident in detail:

I understand that in order to be admitted to daycare, my dog must be up to date on Distemper, Rabies, and Bordatella vaccines. I give consent for the staff to booster these vaccines when they are due. If your dog goes to another facility for vaccines, it is your responsibility to provide us with up to date vaccination information. If your dog is overdue with vaccines, your dog will not be allowed in daycare until everything is up to date.
I understand that in order to be admitted to daycare, my dog must have had a negative fecal within 6 months, a negative heartworm test within a year and must be on monthly heartworm, and flea and tick preventative. If my pet receives vaccines at a different.
I understand that although my dog may get muddy, AAH is only responsible to hose my dog off prior to going home.
Q6 (Optional)
If my dog gets muddy, please bathe and charge me for a basic bath.
Q7(Optional) Please bathe my dog once a week on:

If my dog shows aggression to other dogs, I understand that my dog may not be allowed to return to daycare.
I agree in case of minor stress related symptoms such as stomach upset, vomiting, loss of appetite, or minor scratches that the staff may administer the following over the counter remedies, Nutramaxx Proviable Forte, (for diarrhea), diphenhydramine, triple antibiotic cream, or Pepcid AC. The staff may administer a prescription bland diet as well. I agree to pay for all necessary fees related to administration.
I understand that if my pet becomes injured or sick at daycare beyond the symptoms above, I give consent for a veterinarian to diagnose and treat my dog. I agree to pay for the charges incurred while diagnosing and treating my pet.
If my dog is coughing, vomiting, or having diarrhea, I will notify the staff prior to bringing my dog for daycare. Sick dogs are not allowed at daycare and if my dog becomes ill, my pet will be boarded in the hospital for the remainder of the day.
I understand that dogs are unpredictable, and my dog may react in different ways that I am accustomed during daycare. This behavior is not limited to, aggression, chewing at cages, and possibly ingesting a foreign object. Although AAH makes every attempt to keep my dog safe, I understand that accidents happen. In the event of an accident, I agree to pay for any medical care that my dog may require at AAH or another animal hospital. As long as AAH was not negligent in their duties, I agree to release AAH from all financial liability related to any injury or accident that may occur while my dog is in daycare.
I agree to release Aqueduct Animal Hospital and its agents and employees from any and all liabilities or claim due to injury to myself, my pet, or any other property of mine, which may arise in any way out of services and/or products provided by or as a consequence of my association with Aqueduct Animal Hospital. AAH is not liable if my pet causes injury to him/herself and is not liable for stress related illness that they are not in control of. I understand that even day boarding can be stressful, and my pets may act differently in this environment than they do in their home, to the point of causing a fight between themselves.

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