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Optional Boarding Questionnaire

This questionnaire is to help you decide what additional services may help your dog while boarding.

Pet's Name

(Applies only to dogs) My dog enjoys the company of other dogs.
Yes! I would like my dog to play with other dogs during boarding!
I don’t know, but if there is space in daycare, please sign him/her up!
My dog is not suited to hang out with other dogs.
May dog may like other dogs, but I would rather keep him/her separate.
My pet has chronic health issues that I’m concerned about.
Oh thank you for mentioning that. I would like a veterinarian to examine my pet and perform diagnostics and treatments if necessary up to ...
Yes I’m concerned but my pet is fine. Please keep a close eye on my pet and alert the veterinarian asap if my pet has any issues.
My pet has chronic health issues, but they don’t limit him/her substantially.
Nope, my dog is fine to the best of my knowledge.
Veterinarian is to examine my pet and perform diagnostics and treatments if necessary up to $

Elaborate on "Other"

I would describe my pet as “high energy.”
My pet really needs a lot of attention from ME everyday to be calm.
My pet enjoys chewing on things.
In regards to chewing:
These “things” are only toys
Sometimes my pet chews up things he/she is not supposed to
My pet will eat ANYTHING left in his/her environment.
My pet’s eating habits can be summed up by the following statement:
My pet resembles a vacuum and when the food is down, it’s gone.
My pet eats like a normal pet...not too fast…not too slow.
My pet is finicky and sometimes won’t finish all of his/her food.
My pet sometimes vomits after he/she eats, especially if he/she eats quickly
If yes to 1,3, or 5, we would recommend additional play time or a frozen kong daily.

If you answered yes on 2, please describe your health concerns and let us know how you would like us to proceed with diagnostics and treatment. We would also recommend a raised cot for your pet’s comfort.
Tell us more...

If you answered yes on 4, please consider signing your pet for some cuddle time or a brushing.
Check out our packages on our website and select either an extra a la cart experience or a package.

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